10 Best Indian Tech Blogs Of Recent Times


The best way to stay technically updated in this first paced tech-world is to be in continuous touch with the best tech blogs. There are actually many tech-blogs on the web, but to get the best information you need to check only the leading ones. This article will tell you about the best Indian tech Blogs. Its in random order and the list created based on its influence on people.

Digital Inspiration: This blog includes an extensive archive of How To Guides as well as Tutorials for different Software. The site is of good quality and is devoid of redundant posts. It can be indeed helpful for anyone on the web to get instant tech help. You can check the blog at labnol.org

Next Big What: This blog is a mixed bag. It gives you information on the latest tech-development in the industry along with stories on Indian startups and latest news. So, stay in touch to remain updated. Check the site at nextbigwhat.com

Blogsdna: One of the best Indian tech Blogs which can fully serve your need of staying updated in the technical front. You can get a great collection of How To posts in the blog which can actually meet your technical needs. The URL is blogsdna.com

fossBytes: Missing out on the latest technical news? Become a regular reader of fossBytes and you will never again miss latest tech news. The blog offers detailed How To articles along with top tech news, live blog, as well as gadget DIYs. There is also open source news and even more.

Technology Personal: A highly resourceful technology blog with regular updates on current tech topics. The posts are presented under different categories which make it simple to find any particular post on a topic of your interest. The site URL is techpp.com

Windowsclub: As the name suggests this blog primarily offers extensive information on Windows platform. Starting from how to download the best interesting screen images for Windows 10 to Edge browser tips and tricks for Windows, the collection of articles is extensive and they are of good quality.

9 Lessons: This tech blog includes tutorials on programming and can be very helpful for the developers to get the latest information. Apart from an extensive collection of technical articles there are also tips on business. Check the blog at 9lessons.info.

Tech Blog Corner: The blog gives a good view on all the prominent search engines as well as PPC and search engine marketing. Updates from the industry are included regularly into the blog.

Track.in: The blog provides a good collection on technical articles. Each of the posts is of high quality and they actually serve the need. You will not find redundant topics on the site and the information provided are fully verified.

Shoutmeloud: This blog is often regarded as one of the best Indian tech Blogs. This site offers core technology related news, How To tutorials as well as latest news on business and startups. Check the site at shoutmeloud and stay updated always.

So the list includes the 10 best tech blogs of India. As said, the positions in the list are not indicative of their ranks. There are always lots and lots of new blogs coming up and some of the famous ones might be left. However the above deserve to be on list.