How to Edit Startup Programs

This article is about how to edit startup programs. Do you have to wait for a long time, before your PC boots? If this is the problem then it is annoying. You can increase the performance of your PC and get it started in less time every time you boot it.

The Windows Startup programs are convenient for the user on one hand, but on the other it can also be a way to slow down the startup process of your computer. If you use a program on a regular basis, then you can get it started up each time you boot your PC, but if you do not use a program regularly, then there is no need for you to load the program at Windows startup every time. You must understand that loading a program means that a share of your system resources is taken up. Loading many programs that you will not be using, will slow down your PC.

How to Edit Startup Programs?


Editing Windows Startup Programs will enable your PC to be fast in its functions. First click on the Start button, find the Run option, click on it and type “msconfig” (without quotes). Following this, you should be clicking on the Startup tab.

It is advisable to clear the check boxes for programs that you do not want to be loaded every time you start Windows. If you are not sure about a Windows Startup Program and may not know if you need it or not; in that case, it will be best to search the Internet for information on the program and find out what good it is.

Spyware comes as a part of Windows Startup Programs, and this can be a harmful threat to your system resources. When you remove spyware from the list of the Windows Startup Programs, you actually speed up the performance of your PC.

After you have cleaned the check boxes, you have to reboot your PC to find out if the changes have been made, as you wanted it to be. If you want to have the programs back in the Windows Startup Programs list, just trigger MSCONFIG and get the item re-enabled. Just put a check mark in the box beside the Startup item and it will be re-enabled.

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