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NetFlow Analyzer: Free Download, Step-by-Step Installation, Configuration & Optimization Windows – Linux


netflow analyzer trafficIn our previous article we explained how a Netflow Analyzer can help you gain visibility into your user traffic, application traffic and data flows while at the same time analyze traffic patterns, detect unusual traffic, verify bandwidth availability, detect Quality of Service (QoS) problems and a lot more.

In this article we will introduce Network Analyzer – a bandwidth and traffic analysis tool that helps you monitor the bandwidth utilization in your network and analyze the who, when, what of your network traffic. It uses flow technology to give you real time visibility into your network and supports all major flow formats such us netflow, sflow, jflow, IPFIX, and appflow.

Network Analyzer helps you to drill down into interface level details to discover traffic patterns and monitor device performance, recognize and classify Non-Standard Apps that hog your network bandwidth, and detect security threats. Using a network bandwidth monitoring tool like NetFlow Analyzer allows you to monitor all these critical parameters in real-time.

netflow analyzer download

Here is what we’ll be covering in this article:

  • Easy Installation of Manageengine NetFlow Analyzer (Windows – Linux)
  • Setting up NetFlow Analyzer (Windows – Linux)
  • Configuring NetFlow Analyzer Startup as a Service (Windows – Linux)
  • Getting Started with NetFlow Analyzer
  • Summary

Easy Installation

NetFlow Analyzer is available for Windows and Linux platforms. For information on supported versions and other specifications, look up System Requirements.

Installing NetFlow Analyzer


  1. Download  NetFlow Analyzer for Windows
  2. Double-click it to start installation. Follow the instructions as they appear on screen to install NetFlow Analyzer on to your machine successfully. NetFlow Analyzer supports both, PostgreSQL and MSSQL as database. Select the desired database and click Next.


  1. Download NetFlow Analyzer for Linux
  2. Assign execute permission using the command: chmod a+x ManageEngine_NetFlowAnalyzer_xxxx.bin where ManageEngine_NetFlowAnalyzer_xxxx is the name of the downloaded BIN file.
  3. Execute the following command: ./ManageEngine_NetFlowAnalyzer_xxxx.bin

Note: During installation if you get an error message stating that the temp folder does not have enough space, try executing this command with the -is:tempdiroption parameter where is the absolute path of an existing directory:

./ManageEngine_NetFlowAnalyzer_xxxx.bin -is:tempdir

For non-x11 machines, use the following command:

./ManageEngine_NetFlowAnalyzer_xxxx.bin -console

Follow the instructions as they appear on the screen to install NetFlow Analyzer on to your machine successfully.

Once you have successfully installed NetFlow Analyzer, start the NetFlow Analyzer server by following the steps below.